The Uncle Charley's Story

Since 1988, the founder of Uncle Charley’s, a former spice and seasonings man, built the family business with his wife by his side. Charley was sure that with his knowledge of spice blends and his consistent demand for only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, he could put better products on the table for his family and yours. Raised in the business, his son took over, but tragically died in a plane crash. Wanting to ensure that the legacy lived on, Charley sought a new successor who would maintain his stubborn resolve to keep the quality, the taste and the value for Uncle Charley’s customers at the same high levels he established from the beginning.

In 2014, the new owners took over. In addition to their pledge to keep the freshness, honesty, and deliciousness that has attracted loyal Uncle Charley’s fans for over a quarter of a century, the company’s new management is bringing the pleasure of Uncle Charley’s to more families than ever. Look for Uncle Charley’s wherever you buy meat products…and if you don’t find it…please let us know where you shop and we’ll do our darndest to get Uncle Charley’s into your local stores!

The Uncle Charley's Story

Uncle Charley’s sausage is made from high quality, premium cuts of pork, which results in leaner meat with a richer taste. Our farmers, all within driving distance of our plant, adhere to strict specifications, giving us, on average, 35% to 40% leaner meat, well exceeding USDA standards. Did you know that some large industrial manufacturers of sausage use casings made of plastic? Yuck! We use only natural or collagen casings. Uncle Charley’s uses careful blends of the freshest, most pungent spices, which have been perfected for nearly three decades by our founder, the spice man himself. All of these ingredients and practices, plus our spotless manufacturing facility, are why we feel 100% confident in claiming “Always Fresh, Honest and Delicious” on the label.

Our Commitment to Quality

How do you know a good product before you buy? Here’s a guide to the nutritional label and beyond (aka, the skinny on what makes a great sausage).

The Casings on Our Grillers

Natural casings are traditional products that have been used in the production of meat specialties for centuries and have remained virtually unchanged in function, appearance, and composition. Salt and water are all that is used for cleaning and preservation. Natural casings are the only casings that can be used in organic sausage production. Natural casings breathe, allowing smoking and cooking flavors to permeate the casing and infuse the meat, giving the sausage a rich, even flavor throughout. Natural casings have unique natural curves and sheen, with rounded ends.


The Casings on Our Breakfast Links

We use collagen casings made from beef to control the smaller size of our breakfast links.


The Responsible Treatment of Animals

Our premium meats come from farms and preparatory facilities that are closely scrutinized by USDA inspectors. By using the highest quality meat raised by farmers who really care about the raw materials that go into our products, we achieve fabulous flavor and texture against poorer-quality meats of questionable provenance. As a result, your end sausage has lower fat content, and you are consuming a healthier, better tasting sausage.


What’s in Your Sausage?

The parts that are used to make our products come from the premium parts of the pig. Those jokes you may have heard about what weird pig parts go into sausage…well, they just don’t apply to Uncle Charley’s.

You can be certain there are no unnatural or unnecessary additives in your Uncle Charley’s sausage and that it is full of wholesome and flavorful goodness.

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