Highest Quality Since 1989.

At Uncle Charley’s, we believe that the right combination of high quality, premium cuts of pork, with fresh, aromatic seasoning makes for the best all-natural casing sausages. The quality of our pork results in leaner breakfast links, juicy bratwurst and kielbasa, and tasty sausage patties with a richer taste. You can be certain there are no unnatural or unnecessary additives in your Uncle Charley’s sausage and that it is full of wholesome and flavorful goodness. The ethical usage of our ingredients is why we’re proud to say that Uncle Charley’s is always fresh, honest, and delicious.

Our Story

Uncle Charley’s story started over 30 years ago when Charley Armitage started the business with his wife. Charley was a former seasoning and spice man who identified the need for a premium quality Italian sausage in Western Pennsylvania. Using his expertise with spice blends he focused on using only the highest quality ingredients while adhering to the highest quality production standards to develop products that were significantly superior in taste and quality to other brands in the market.

Leveraging the great taste of its products the Uncle Charley’s brand started getting distribution in local independent and as its loyal customer base continued to expand the brand found its way into the majority of all retailers in Western Pennsylvania, where today it is the dominant brand in the market with a 40% market share.

Uncle Charley continued to expand its product line by adding several unique griller flavors and developed a line of breakfast and meatball items. As the quality of its products became known, the brand also gained significant distribution with key retailers in the Cleveland market.

Today Uncle Charley’s continues to build on its heritage, ensuring only the finest ingredients are used to produce a fresh line of products like no other in the market.