Sweet Italian

Join family around the dinner table and take sweet delight in eating our Sweet Sausages made of premium pork with a rich, everlasting taste.

Maple Breakfast Patties

Hot Italian

Our classic Hot Italian sausages are a fan favorite, packed with endless spices and flavor that will make your mouth water before every bite.

Sweet Italian with Onions & Peppers

Made with you in mind, Uncle Charley's designed an indulging recipe filled flavorful spice blends, mixed with onions and peppers to make the perfect meal to share around the dinner table.

Hot Italian with Onions & Peppers

No assembly required! We've delicately packed the peppers and onions directly into our Hot Italian delicious grillers for your convenience.

Extra Hot Italian

Buckle up. Our Extra Hot Italian sausages are completely filled with a spicy seasoning kick that will take you on a ride of your life with every bite.

Breakfast Links

It's the most important meal of the day they say. Start yours the traditional way by firing up the stove with your favorite breakfast staples and simply add our classic fresh never frozen breakfast links made with premium pork and natural seasonings!

Maple Breakfast Links

Natural sweetness should come straight from the source, it's as simple as that. Natural maple is no exception as we've developed our golden and sweet Maple Breakfast Links that give a warm finish that pairs uniquely within our fresh pork.

Breakfast Patties

The scent that yanks you out of bed on a Saturday morning wafting from the kitchen? Oh, that's the naturally flavored premium breakfast patties meant for simple breakfast sliders or a stacked breakfast sandwich! Breakfast is served.

Home-Style Pork Meatballs

Rolled to perfection, the fresh home-style pork meatballs exude the traditional Italian flavors you love with onion, garlic, and parsley making for an ideal addition to family-style meals.


Each link is packed with 3.6 ounces of deliciousness. Our authentic Italian flavor paired a blend of fresh herbs and spices was curated to perfection to satisfy every craving!


Monday is never the "wurst" day of the week when you can grill up our Bratwurst for dinner. Toss these on the grill and cook to perfection!

Kolbassi Griller

Pro tip: Our fresh Kolbassi Grillers are best paired with sauerkraut to make a savory meal that will leave everyone wanting to come back for more!